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<p _msttexthash=«746473» _msthash=«150»>Ethernet Surge Protector made in China OUR HISTORY Established in 2003, Shenzhen Amore Industrial Co., Ltd (AMR) is a company devoted in the production of AC/DC axial fans, motors and SPD. There are 4 divisions under the company, namely: Electronic Cooling Division, Surge Protective Device Division, Motor Division, and Y.S. TECH Agency Division. AMR products all have been certified by CCC, CE, UL, TUV and etc. The factory has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, QS9000 and other certifications. Based on the principle of quality first and customer first, AMR employs advanced technology and continuously improves product quality to meet the needs of customers. Our clients include Huawei, ZTE, Emerson, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Southern Power Grid, as well as APC, Delta, Eltek and other famous customers both at home and abroad. Our target is to provide excellent quality and professional services. In the ever-changing global economic environment, AMR endeavors to work with customers for a better future. OUR FACTORIES AMR has 3 factories in Shenzhen. The factories have set up excellent management system and boast of most professional teams armed with advanced production and experimental equipment and develop cutting-edge technologies. Electronic Cooling Division has 19 years of experience in professional heat dissipation solutions, producing products of renowned brands: YEEHON and HIIHON. Cooling fans include various AC/ DC/ EC fans, blower fans, axial fans, cross flow fans. Our fans are complete in model ranges, with high quality, top performance, long service life, low power consumption and other competitive advantages. They have obtained TUV, UL, CE and other relevant authoritative certifications.We are also representative of Taiwan Y.S.TECH cooling Fans. Surge Protective Device (SPD) Division has an elite team of more than 15 year experience in this field. The division produces mainly PTG brand products, focusing on lightning protection and over-current protection. The factory has more than 30 invention and utility model patents, and has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification. The SPD Division provides a full range of surge protection products, from direct lightning strikes to precise over-voltage at the end of equipment, including power supply systems, data networks, factory equipment, building electrical and etc. Products have third-party certifications, including KEMA, TUV, CE, CB, UL, CSA and CQC. The Motor Division in Shenzhen produces mainly DC Motors under AMR brand. It has sophisticated testing and production equipment to ensure quality and service life of the motors. OUR PRODUCTS 1.Electronic Cooling Fans: Axial Fans, Blower Fans, Cross Flow Fans, AC Fans, DC Fans, EC Fans 2.Surge Protective Device: Compound lightning current SPD 鈪?鈪? Modular SPD 鈪? Compact SPD 鈪? PV DC SPD, Signal SPD, Coaxial RF SPD. 3.DC Motor: Drive Motor, Control Motor. OUR ADVANTAGES Our product range is complete, excellent quality and top performance Our products have undergone various tests and have passed through TUV, CE, RoHS, UL and other relating authoritative certification. AMR enjoys strong technical and quality advantages in the industry. Efficient communication with customers, better understanding and quick response to customer needs.Ethernet Surge Protector made in China website:http://www.cnamore.com/
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