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<p _msttexthash=«746473» _msthash=«41»>China LED Panel 600x600mm suppliers Our History We have been developing all the way from 2014 to today. For more than 10 years, we focus on the research and development and production of LED lamps and lanterns to solve the difficulties for customers. Our Factory Established in 2014, JiaXing jingLiang Lighting Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech company in research, design, production, and sale of quality LED lighting products. JingLiang Lighting focus on outdoor lighting, industrial lighting and commercial lighting with LED light source applied. Jing Liang Lighting, as part of vertical integration strategy in LED industry chain, gains the greater advantages in cost and quality control, comparing to other application-oriented lighting companies in China. With parent company's support, JingLiang Lighting has grown up one of leading LED lighting companies in JiaXing, China. JingLiang Lighting boasts its first -class production equipments, testing instruments as well as many talents.. The reflow soldering machine, aging cabinet and wave soldering machine are working in the workshop. JingLiang Lighting is looking forward to working with anyone who cares about quality LED lighting products to protect the green world. We believe in JingLiang Lighting -make the world bright. Our Product LED panel light, downlight, floodlight, bulb lamp, street lamp, etc Product Application Indoor office, home, outdoor lighting, etc. Our Certificate CE,ROHS Production Equipment Integrating ball, hydraulic press, punch press, high pressure tester, etc. Production Market We sell our fine lighting products to major markets around the world including Europe, America, Asia. Our Service Pre-sale: OUR salesman professional level for customers to explain product details, product functions. 24 hours online to provide services, so that each customer product clear needs and understanding. On SALE: AFTER customers place an order, we will have special personnel to control the quality of products in the production process and track the delivery time. After sales: Our products to the factory date, product warranty period of 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, according to customer needs of different quality assurance, in the warranty period, we will be the first time to solve the problem for customers.China LED Panel 600x600mm suppliers website:
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E Clip Rail Free Sample Wuxi Lanling Railway Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in July, 1989, and is specialized in manufacturing railway equipment. Our products have various categories, including spring clips type A, type B, type I, type II, type III, type D1, type WJ-2 subway spring clip, exported spring clip type E series, type PR series, SKL series, and etc. We also produce different kinds of rail gauge apron plates, screw rail nails, nuts, flat washers, spring washers, iron pads, rubber pads used under different types of railway concrete sleeper tracks and turnout designs, plastic plates, and nylon products. Lanling鈥檚 address is No. 168 First Nanfeng Road,website:
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