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<p _msttexthash=«746473» _msthash=«41»><a href=«» _msttexthash=«734903» _msthash=«78»>Recycled Sewing Thread factory Our History Sakura creates superior value for high-end textile products through providing stable quality products,exquisite craft, comprehensive embroidery threads category and omni-directional integrative sales service system. Hangzhou Sakura Thread Co., Ltd.,which was founded in 1992, covers an area of 100 acres, also is a foreign-owned company with 20 years of history in manufacturing embroidery threads. Sakura is located in Hangzhou Lin'an city which has a «paradise» reputation in China with fixed assets of 250 million yuan. Sakura firstly passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification in the domestic industry and achieved Oeko-Tex standard 100 Swiss confidence ecological textile certification. Our Factory Sakura has two subsidiary companies: the Hong Kong Sakura Thread Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Sakura Thread Co.,Ltd. Sakura has worldwide sales and distribution network. The main product Sakura brand computer embroidery thread (polyester embroidery thread, viscose filament embroidery thread, sewing thread, metallic yarn, etc.) Sakura products feature at high color fastness, color accuracy, anti-break, antistatic, soft and in line with European environmental standards and favored by European and American businessmen in those high-end quality-oriented market, The product has registered in more than 30 countries, sold in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Africa, more than 60 countries, enjoys world wide reputation. The world's 7th largest supplier of embroidery threads raw materials, 455 line workers, 22 stable perfect production & management lines. 50 senior inspectors are responsible for five major quality control links, 15,000 square meters warehouse, Sakura鈥檚 product development, sales teams consist of 22 professional and technical personnel and eight marketing consulting service centers which were located in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, three mainstream market. Products are exported to over 60 countries and over 400 cities. Sakura,makes its proficiency due to the 25 years experience鈥檚 concentration. Sakura commits to «high quality, competitive price, color accuracy, and efficient service» offer warm-hearted service to our customers. Our Product The main product Sakura brand computer embroidery thread (polyester embroidery thread, viscose filament embroidery thread, sewing thread, metallic yarn, etc.) Sakura products feature at high color fastness, color accuracy, anti-break, antistatic, soft and in line with European environmental. Our Certificate Production enterprise license, OEKO-TEX, ISO9001, ISO, GRS, Tax Registration Certificate, Business license, ISO14001 Environmental quality Certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, Environmental management system certification, Swiss Textile Confidence certification OEKo-TEX Standard International and domestic product certification certificate, Swiss Textile Confidence Standard certification OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Production Equipment Equipment: Drum machine Number: 180 brand: DT model DT Equipment: Dyeing machine Quantity: 30 sets Brand: RS Model: RS Equipment: Wire making machine Quantity: 70 sets Brand: YG Model: YG Production Market Sales network International Sales network: Britain銆丗rance銆両taly銆丟ermany銆丄merica銆丆anada銆乼he Middle East, etc. Domestic Sales network: Zhejiang銆丣iangsu銆丼hanghai銆丟uangdong銆丼henzhen銆丅eijing銆丠ebei,etc. The products have been registered in more than 30 countries in the world and sold in more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, South Africa and so on.Recycled Sewing Thread factory website:
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Clinical Analytical Instruments suppliers Shandong AMBER Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2015 and offers a broad, extensive portfolio of clinical diagnostics products to streamline the work flow, enhance operational efficiency and improve patient treatment. It develops, manufactures, and supplies high-quality medical in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) rapid test kits as well as revolutionary customized reagent kits to all parts of the world. Its in-vitro diagnostic reagents screen for a wide range of targets, including infectious diseases, tumors, cardiac abnormalities, etc. Our focus is to expand our markets internationally by forming strategic alliances and entering into partnerships with distributors worldwide. Our rapid test kit is high quality but cost-effective. In addition to our company own brand products, we also provide OEM service for customers. Its concept is using modern science and technology to improve human health It owns the largest and professional production factory of in vitro diagnostic reagents in Shandong province, its operating area is around 10000 square meters, including a purification workshop of around 5,000 square meters, as well as a R&D laboratory of about 4,000 square meters. It is committed to the detection technology platform, mass spectrum detection technology platform, molecular diagnosis technology platform, chemiluminescence technology platform, immune chromatography technology platform and biochemical technology platform, etc. and involves in pathogenic microorganisms nucleic acid detection, biochemical, immune diagnosis, nutrition and metabolism test.Clinical Analytical Instruments suppliers website:
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