wholesale Water Cooled Water Chiller

wholesale Water Cooled Water Chiller Adopt international top brand hermetic scroll compressor and refrigeration valves. Standard high quality stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump and stainless steel water tank. High efficiency outer-spiral-fin tube shell and tube condenser, ensure the chiller operation not influence by the ambient temperature. Adopt international brand Schneider Electric and imported microcomputer digital temperature controller. Adopt Multiple protection devices, ensure the unit stable operation throughout the year. Super-wind of chiller water temperature range to satisfy different requirement. Using ethylene glycol as cooling medium can make the outlet temperature as low as -25鈩? Environmental friendly refrigerant R407C and R134a for option. Box-type water cooled water chiller( outlet temperature 7鈩?.wholesale Water Cooled Water Chiller website:http://www.yz-intelligent.com/industrial-water-chiller/water-cooled-water-chille/

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